Blindspot returns with its final episodes on April 30 and fans will get answers to their burning questions after that major cliffhanger at the end of Season 4.

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“We wanted to end with a bang, quite literally,” creator Martin Gero told TV Insider about the Season 4 finale. And while there is an escape route under that safe house, he added that fans should still “be a little worried. It was a pretty big explosion. Even if they did make it to the tunnel, it’s pretty dire.”

“There are consequences to what Madeline has backed them into and how different their life is going to be now that they’re on the run,” he teased. “They are on the run for the majority of Season 5. Season 5 is about them trying to get their names back and trying to take Madeline down now, who is ever increasingly in a seat of growing power.”

The final season picks up with the aftermath of that drone strike. Will the team be able to clear their names?